Are You Using this Easy Tip to Save on Produce?

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Hey there, veggie fans! I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend, because I know I did. In fact, I got to spend Saturday doing what I love most—cooking and sharing yummy, healthy, plant-powered food with friends. Our Independence Day cookout started off with bevvies, fresh veggies, … Read More →

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Low-Fat Vegan 4th of July Recipes

If you can't imagine celebrating the fourth without a picnic or cookout—but want to treat your friends and family to food that truly nourishes—this post's for you! I've rounded up 5 fabulous low-fat vegan recipes for a delicious and nutritious 4th of … Read More →

2 Pounds of vegetables a day: tasty and easy

2 Pounds of Vegetables a Day – June 2015

Now that I’m done with nutrition classes, I’ve had some time to breathe. I took a Memorial Day vacation to West Virginia with my husband and in-laws, scrubbed down my kitchen, and even caught up on filing. What can I say, I'm a wild woman! Oh, and … Read More →


Are you eating this cancer fighter?

Since I eat a plant-based diet, I tend to think of beans as a convenient (and cheap) source of plant-powered protein. However, according to a recent "mega-study," beans may be so much more than chip dip and 10-minute taco filling. … Read More →

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Gluten-free vegan brunch menu…and a minor mishap

Brunch is my favorite meal, yet I rarely have it. Luckily Mother's Day provided the perfect excuse! The original plan was to go out to brunch at Great Sage, a local vegan restaurant, because I had a little mishap: Yes, in my infinite … Read More →

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Low-Fat Chocolate Frosting (Plant-Based, Soy-Free)

You need chocolate frosting. You also need to eat your vegetables! Luckily, this chocolate frosting, which also happens to be low-fat, vegan, and soy-free, has you covered on both fronts. The very veggie secret? Vitamin-A rich, … Read More →

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4 Tips for a healthier you

After a long absence, I’m delighted to be back! Not only was I contending with a respiratory virus that wouldn’t quit for most of March (made worse by an untimely bout of insomnia—lucky me!), but I’ve been utterly immersed in one of my classes, … Read More →