How to Eat 2 Pounds of Vegetables a Day – July Edition

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Are you trying to work more veggies into your day? Me too! They're slimming, filling, and oh-so-good for you. That's why the Veggie Quest 2-pounds-a-day challenge is probably my favorite blog post each month. Of course, I can't claim to have thought up the 2-pound idea. Rather, I got it from Dr. … Read More →


Vegan Anti-Candida Diet: Myth or Reality? (Part 3: The Eats)

As discussed in Part 2, surprisingly little research has been done on diet and Candida overgrowth. Given the number of women (and men) suffering from yeast infections (whether skin, intestinal, or farther south) I'm appalled that more research hasn't … Read More →

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Vegan Anti-Candida Diet: Myth or Reality? (Part 2: The Science)

Now that you've heard my story in Part 1, what does the science actually say about eating to beat Candida? Is it possible to eat a vegan (or near-vegan) anti-Candida diet? How about one that's also moderate in protein and fat? Grab a green … Read More →

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Vegan Anti-Candida Diet: Myth or Reality? (Part 1: My Story)

Warning: This post may be an overshare, and it's not about vegetables. In fact, I hesitated to even write it. However, as I mentioned in my last post, I'm hoping the information it contains might help you. Maybe you can help me too, by sharing your … Read More →

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Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie (with Cauliflower!)

I'm writing this post with mixed emotions. Not about the smoothie, though! The smoothie is so, so good. Fresh-picked summer strawberries good. Dessert-for-breakfast good. In fact, the inspiration for this smoothie was actually a fresh … Read More →

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Are You Using this Easy Tip to Save on Produce?

Hey there, veggie fans! I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend, because I know I did. In fact, I got to spend Saturday doing what I love most—cooking and sharing yummy, healthy, plant-powered food with friends. Our Independence Day … Read More →

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Low-Fat Vegan 4th of July Recipes

If you can't imagine celebrating the fourth without a picnic or cookout—but want to treat your friends and family to food that truly nourishes—this post's for you! I've rounded up 5 fabulous low-fat vegan recipes for a delicious and nutritious 4th of … Read More →