5 SuperVeggies to Eat Now

Superhero Veggies Image_FINAL

Here’s a homework assignment I actually enjoyed: Make a fun video promoting healthy food! Creating the video was part of a school lunch menu project for my Foodservice Management class. (SO many classes to become a registered dietitian.) Specifically, we had to design a week-long menu that met the nutritional specifications of the National School… 

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Cauliflower Vegan Chocolate Silk Pie 4_WM

Hidden-Veggie Chocolate Silk Pie (Gluten Free, Vegan, Low Fat)

Don’t you love sneaking veggies into “fun” foods and having no one be the wiser? Well, get ready for the ultimate stealth veggie adventure, because this rich and creamy chocolate silk pie is made almost entirely out of cauliflower. Yep, cauliflower. I got the idea from the cauliflower “ricotta” in the sweet potato and spinach… 

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Mushroom dirt 1 - watermark

Do You Need to Worry About Dirt on Mushrooms?

For the past week or so, it feels like my life has been fungus 24-7. So it’s only appropriate that today’s post should be about mushrooms. Perhaps I should explain. Towards the end of the summer, Jeff and I got some water in the basement after a particularly heavy rain. Neither one of us realized… 

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Fruits and Veggies Linked to Creativity, Wellbeing

This is my very favorite kind of good news: Beyond supercharging your physical health, fruits and veggies may improve mental health, too. That’s right, from kale and cauliflower to peaches and pears, a recent study has found that what you put on your plate may have the power to boost mood, well-being, curiosity, and creativity…. 

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Featured_Delicata Squash Rings 3_v2

Delicata Squash Rings with Cinnamon Apples

Can you believe it’s fall already? I’m such a summer girl—I adore hot weather!—so for me, it’s especially hard to let go. Of course, I also recently got back from a blissful week at the beach with my family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, too, so you can see why I’m feeling a… 

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Barbecued Vegetable Kebabs

New Look + Quick Barbecued Vegetable Kebabs

Welcome to the updated and improved Veggie Quest! Not only is the blog sporting a fresh look, but it’s also got an inspiring new mission: to help you look good, feel great, and love your vegetables! What can you expect from the new Veggie Quest? As always, you’ll find deliciously easy vegan vegetable recipes, tips… 

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Working lunch at home attractive woman with laptop eat salad

Interning at PCRM + 4 Online Resources You Won’t Want to Miss

Have you ever had a week that went by in such a whirlwind that you’re left standing there, your hair still blowing in the breeze, wondering how it got to be the weekend? Well, that was this past week for me! Just after Memorial Day, I started a 7-week nutrition internship at the Physicians Committee… 

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