Jicama Nutrition + 4 Creative Ways to Enjoy Jicama – Happy Hug a Jicama Day!

I’m so excited I can barely stand it!

And not just because I made it to Day 6 of Kris Carr’s Adventure Cleanse, either, which has actually been easier than I anticipated. Even though I got a cold the day before I started, I seem to be recovering quickly. What’s more, my energy level is surprisingly high for having the sneezles. Let’s hear it for green smoothies!

No, I’m actually tickled because today, January 30th, is the first EVER National Hug a Jicama Day! (Instituted by yours truly.) :-)

So for all you jicama lovers out there, just pin (or tweet) your fave vegetarian jicama recipe and tag it #HugAJicama, and I’ll retweet and/or repin. (Today only!)

If you aren’t as over the moon about jicama as I am, well, I can only assume it’s because you haven’t fully experienced the insane versatility, awesome nutrition, and sweet crunch of this amazing, yet unsung vegetable. Which is exactly why it needed its own holiday! (Click here to see if your favorite veggie has its own special day.)

A member of the pea family, jicama is sweet, juicy, and crunchy. It pairs beautifully with both fruits and vegetables, acts as a cooling counterpoint to spicy dishes, and makes a perfect partner for dips.

That said, jicama does harbor a sinister secret. At least, if you happen to be a fish. (Seriously, click here to find out why.)

Jicama Nutritional Benefits

For humans, though, jicama is a nutritional home run. In one cup of slices, you get

  • 40% of your vitamin C
  • 24% of your fiber
  • A healthy dose of prebiotic (yep, prebiotic) fiber to feed the good bacteria in your gut

All for under 50 calories! I think that’s something to celebrate, don’t you? Besides, not only is jicama tasty and nutritious, you can do just about anything with it.

4 Creative Ways to Enjoy Jicama

1. Healthy Super Bowl Dipper

Easy Guacamole with Chile-Lime Jicama Chips

2. Scrumptious Snack Sticks
Jicama Sticks 3 Ways
3. Salad (or Veggie Tray) Bling

4. Raw-some taco shells
Raw Vegan Tacos with Jicama Shells – Idea and fab photo courtesy of Heather at Gluten-Free Cat

And of course, jicama is delicious in salads, too:

Strawberry and Jicama Salad with Sweet Macadamia Dressing (Oil Free)

So what are you waiting for? 

Click here to learn how to pick the best jicama (and store it properly)

Not sure how to peel it? Here are some step-by-step directions (with pictures).

When you’re done with all that, in honor of National Hug a Jicama Day, I have a kicky Mexican-inspired jicama salad recipe, perfect to serve at your next fajita night. Check back soon!
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    • noreply@blogger.com' says

      Hi Heather, glad you like the ideas! That taco shell one is especially awesome. 😉 Next year, I'll have to add that jicama is an awesome smoothie addition. (Tried that in honor of Hug a Jicama Day – tasty!) 😉

  1. noreply@blogger.com' says

    I LOVE this Lee!! Thank you for instituting Hug A Jicama Day! I really enjoy it in my salads, but loved all these other innovations, too, especially the taco shells–brilliant! And I didn't know it was a member of the pea family, but that makes a lot of sense to me now when I think of it's crunch and sweetness. Really enjoyed this! xo

    • noreply@blogger.com' says

      Hi Maria, so pleased that you like Hug a Jicama Day! If you want to join in the fun next year, I'd love to link to your jicama-themed post! 😀 In fact, I have dreams of the whole food blogosphere eating oodles of healthy jicama. (I have unique dreams, what can I say?)

    • noreply@blogger.com' says

      So many possibilities…only 1 jicama! 😉 I'll try to remember to check in before Christmas next year to see if you have any recipes to add to the roundup–fun!

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